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What We Do

Master Craftsmen   |   Experts in Cellar Creation

New Construction - Custom Cellars

As you plan stages of a new home, Vinworx has years of  experience working with contractors and designers to make sure the room is properly prepared and installation is seamless,  so that there aren’t any surprises when its time to install your cellar.

Space Conversion - Custom Cellars

Dream of a cellar under the stairs or in that overfilled closet of stuff that should have been tossed out a decade ago? Vinworx is the go-to company for converting an existing space in your home into the cellar of your dreams. We are experts in converting closets into stunning wine rooms, under stairs spaces into a cellar that anyone would be proud of.  We rarely have to say no. We always find a way to make your existing space come to life in the form of a beautiful cellar.

Kind Words From Our Customers

“Everyone who sees it is totally wowed by how beautiful it is. While I appreciate the functionality of it, it’s the beauty that sticks with me.”

“Mark is so easy to work with, and the finished product is really an impressive feature in anyone’s home.”

Recent Work

Across the Southeast   |   Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina

True to Tradition

Custom work takes time and planning.  Vinworx’s process is the same whether they are building in a small existing space, or in a large, planned room.

Vinworx involves the customers throughout every step to ensure they end up with a cellar that is original and as unique as they are.

50+ Years of Experience

The combined custom-woodworking and building experience of Mark and his colleagues exceed that of most shops.  These craftsmen are often called in to take on projects that others don’t dare to try.   They are passionate about what they do and go a step beyond to exceed your expectations.

The Best Materials

Vinworx uses the finest of wood, materials, and equipment and understands that your cellar will live on beyond the initial build.  You can trust that this commitment to quality will mean that your cellar will be a functioning piece of art for years to come.

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